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Instructional film by British university professor/curmudgeon Maxwell Putney, in which he attempts to educate the English-speaking world about the correct pronunciation of the 8th letter of the alphabet.

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Maxwell Putney

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Maxwell Putney was moved to make this film after hearing a group of youths outside his house at 2am laughing about stabbing a homeless man and flagrantly saying "haitch".

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Maxwell Putney: Now, young man... Unnamed Youth: Alright, geezer. Maxwell: Ahem, yes. Could you please say the name of the letter on this card for me? Unnamed Youth: That's a haitch, innit. Maxwell: I beg your pardon? Unnamed Youth: Haitch. Maxwell: Damn you! It's pronounced aitch! Damn you to hell! I hope you're raped by an Alsation! It's aitch!

Critical Reception Edit

"Maxwell Putney comes across as a singularly unsympathetic old so-and-so. But still, you can't fault his grasp of graphemes. It is pronounced aitch." - Cargill Welk, Motorcycle Summer