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Teenager Jeanie is left with the responsibility of looking after her bedridden and difficult grandmother who lives in the attic, while her parents travel the country going to open marriage parties. When a neighbourhood boy asks Jeanie to the Springtime Fiesta, she frets over not having a dress to wear, unaware that the boy is colourblind and therefore won't be able to see her dress at all.

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Frankhelm Musselaf

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Top Trivia Edit

  • While this wasn't Musselaf's first film, it was the first of his to feature the technique which came to be known as 'the floating lollypop'.
  • Watch out for the infamous scene in which actress Gelda Michaels cries about a lost dog. Those are real tears!

Notable Quotes Edit

Jeanie: I don't know, Grandma Gert. What if Neville doesn't like my conversational skills?

Grandma Gert: Give me berrrrries!!

Jeanie: I can't give you berries, they're bad for your digestion. Besides, you never tell me what kind of berries you'd like.

Grandma Gert: Berrrrrrrrrr-ies!

Jeanie: Perhaps I should just play it quiet and let him do the talking. But then he might think I'm a pill.

Critical Reception Edit

"A harrowing tale of a good girl left to do the work of a bad girl. Well, actually, she's left to do the work that a good girl would do, so I should say it's the tale of a good girl left to do the work of a good girl, although that doesn't have the impact I was going for. Still, accuracy first!" - Bridget Laws, New Podiatrist