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Meek Kansas City actuary George Farmer's world is turned upside down when madcap circumstances land him working as a statistician in Iowa City. George must deal with his impractically difficult new job and negotiate life in a foreign city, all while trying to win the heart of office sweetheart Linda.

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Charles Lindquist Jr.

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Interestingly, this is not a sequel to any previous films. The correct pronunciation of the title is "Fish Out Of Water The Third", and refers to the aristocratic nature of the fish out of water situation: the fish becoming "the king" of the land he unexpectedly finds himself on. The name of the main character, George Farmer, is a direct reference to "Farmer George", the nickname for George III of England, and is where the 'III' in the title comes from. Audiences didn't understand this subtle allusion but went and saw the film anyway, because everybody loves a sequel.

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George: Oh boy, leaving Kansas City has had more impact on me than I realized! I'll clear my mind by taking a walk south along Main Street.

Linda: Here in Iowa City, Main Street runs east/west.

George: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa?

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"Howl at the hard-hearted heavens with a crass criss-crossing over your heavy heady heart." - Gig Wiksen, Annoying Poetry Of The 1950s Weekly