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Hard-hitting documentary about the Krispy Kreme corporation by former-employee-turned-whistleblower, Declan Crumwald. Crumwald attempts to show that Krispy Kreme is an evil organisation with a similar structure to that of the Italian National Fascist Party, and that's why they fired him, not because he was asleep on the job.

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Declan Crumwald

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Emo Gonzales

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  • Grumwald tried several different approaches to prove that Krispy Kreme are evil, which is why the film has an unstructured, almost incompetent feel to it, starting by claiming that the company is fattening children up so they can be eaten by witches, then moving on to linking their supply of glazed sugar to the genocide in Rwanda, before inexplicably attempting to show that only the Chocolate Dreamcake (TM) can burn at a temperature hot enough to melt the steel in the World Trade Center.
  • British actor Gryf Penton was convinced to appear in the film under the pretext of an audition for a Pol Pot biopic, but his speech was played out of context to make it seem as though he were decrying Krispy Kreme UK.

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Solemn music plays.

Declan Crumwald: While the boys at Columbine High were pulling the semi-automatic weapons from their trenchcoats, the CEO of Krispy Kreme was conducting a meeting for selected shareholders in Pennsylvania. An hour later, as mothers stood at the school perimeter, wailing for their lost children, the CEO of Krispy Kreme was still conducting that same meeting for selected shareholders in Pennsylvania. The heartlessness of this company can barely be fathomed. And I wasn't even sleeping when they walked in on me anyway, I just had something in both my eyes at the same time.

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"I suppose it could be worthwhile for people on diets trying to find more reasons not to eat doughnuts." - Harton Walsh, Common Sense Week