Rating: *****


Young Carl lives a rough life, scrubbing the floors of the Broken Dreams Orphanage. But one night a star falls into his bed and severely damages his head, meaning he can only communicate through song and dance. Will Carl allow himself to be treated by physicians before his astrally-produced injury kills him?


Rico Schmageggie


* Kyle Sanchez (Carl)

* Alan Jefferies (Matron Sally Oppresion)

Didja Know?

Schmageggie insisted that during filming all the crew sleep in one oversized novelty bed, used as a prop in the film Yikes! Giants Can't Rumba! (1959).

Famous Quotes

Carl: Gotta dance! Gotta dance! My blood is spilling onto my pants!

Matron Oppresion: Your voice sounds like cats gutting a screeching ferret.

Carl: But with joy!

Critical Views

"Schmageggie displays no ability to choreograph, to write, or to direct. I still wonder why studios keep giving this man money. To call him a hack is a massive understatement." - Spencer Norman, Filmreel Monthly.