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A group of seventy genetic mutants are accidentally released from a government laboratory and descend upon the National Convention of Philosophy Professors. Now Jimmy the laboratory assistant has to try and round up the mutants, but how will he separate freak from académique?

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Rob Gilger

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Rob Gilger only got a fraction of the budget he requested from the studio for the film, which meant that Burpin' Bannock's pustules had to be constructed out of half-chewed wine gums.

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Jimmy: Alright, all I have to do is get the mutants in the van before Doctor Goomer gets back to the lab. I can do this. No one will ever know they were here.

He enters a lecture auditorium in which all seventy freaks are engaged in a bizarre musical ritual. Lumpy is beating out a rhythm on the podium using two mangled arm bones as drumsticks while Burpin' Bannock makes "Og og og" noises to a tune similar to the song "Bare Necessities". The remaining mutants are dancing and feasting on any of the professors within reach.

Jimmy: Oh boy.

Critical Reception Edit

"I tried to enjoy this movie in a postmodern way. I tried to enjoy it ironically, dialectically, reflectively, speculatively and sublatively. Finally I was able to have a pretty good time watching it appositionally, but it was still a bit of a struggle." - Tom Jacobs, Weekend In Color