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Rogue Secretary of Defense Alan Crestwood announces that the nation's borders will be defended by small woodland creatures. Foxes, chipmunks, sparrows, owls and field mice are drafted into active duty. Crestwood's plan only fails when it becomes apparent that the animals don't have index fingers to pull the triggers on guns.

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Bob McStanklily

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In order to maintain a sense of authenticity, director Bob McStanklily decided not to use trained animals in the making of the film. As a result, he managed to capture very few animals on camera.

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Alan Crestwood: Mr President, the denizens of this country's woodland have lived off the taxpayer's wallet for too long. Think of it as conscription taken to its natural conclusion.

Senator Unger: With respect to the Secretary, it's simply ludricrous! To expect a rodent to not only operate sophisticated military hardware, but to go through the training required of a United States soldier. I mean, how would a sparrow tie his boots?

President Crane: All things considered, I think we'll go with it.

Critical Reception Edit

"Is this movie really so farfetched? Imagine the reconnaisance photos a barn owl could capture of enemy strongholds, or what a fox digging his way into a compound to plant explosive devices could accomplish. Now that is an army working together with its environment." - Bob Yates, Military Today