Created and Written by Spencer Green Edit

Rating: ********1/2 Edit

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What happens when a super-powered housewife has to fight her worst enemy: the cosmic ray enhanced emotions of her whiny, emo son? One of the most horrifying and erotic films of the modern age!

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Paul Michael Andertone

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Didja Know? Edit

In the climactic sewer fight between Plutonium Powered Mom and Nightmood, FX artists used 35,000 gallons of pig's blood to simulate the traumatic rejection of Mom's supercharged uterus. Film veteran Jack Mckay, cameoing as a private eye, said it was the most horrific thing he'd been forced to drink based on a dare.

Famous Quotes Edit

Sheriff Dodds: Plutonium Mom, are you okay?

Plutonium Mom: Yes Dodds, although not emotionally.

Nightmood: You don't know real pain. A river of pain flows through me. Through my heart. On a river of blood.

Sherrif Dodds: Christ, boy! Wash that make-up off your face and go and get a woman!

Critical Views Edit

Andy Johanjohanson of the Village Victory Vocal called this film 'Utter shit' while Sandra Jones-Jennyson's review was just a photo of her own ass.