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Instructional film scripted by self-described historo-medico Albert Wishton-Cruft charting the rise of intestinal operations during the Inquisition. Thousands of people with various ailments were diagnosed by the Grand Inquisitor as having various demons inside them, and were subsequently carved open to remove them. Also showed how demon-purging was used in then contemporary medicine throughout much of the United States.

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Charles Lindquist Jr.

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Albert Wishton-Cruft

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Alan Pennyworth

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The film was originally made with finances from the Evangelical Christian Thinktank, a group whose chief aim was to reintroduce the Inquisition into 1940s America. Lindquist wisely took the money and made a film exposing the group's intentions, however this did not stop the modern day Inquisition from finding Beezlebub within his colon and killing him in an attempt to exorcise the Prince of Lies.

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Narrator: Many ailments were thought at the time to be brought about by demons. Stomach aches, irregular bowel movements, being lefthanded, and even being related to a woman born on a Tuesday could mean your intestinal tract may play host to any number of imps, dracolites, goblins, or acolytes of Satan.

Mrs Spudge: Grand Inquisitor, my belly has swollen since my wedding night.

Grand Inquisitor: It may be the spawn of the Devil's anus hiding in your gut. Bring me my prayer blades!

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"I never thought I'd see the day when religion and ignorance went hand in hand" - Michael Ledbetter, Country Tools and Trucks