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When convicted lunatic Justin Voormyers escapes from a mental facility, six friends find themselves trapped at summer park 'Horrorblud', cowering to the mercy of bloodthirsty Voormyers. But they find an unwitting ally in the murderous patient's doctor, who will stop at nothing to secure his quarry. Not even bloody, bloody murder.

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Piccolo Paruzzio

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Piccolo Paruzzio

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Standing at 7' 8", Jorgan Sturmcrud was the most obvious for the role of Voormyers. Also, he was a convicted killer himself, something director Paruzzio did not tell the rest of the cast. Scenes with Voormyers hunting the hapless teens were actually Sturmcrud attempting to kill the actors. Luckily he only managed to kill two of them.

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Tom: Hello? Is someone there? Hello? Hello? Nancy? Hello? Billie? Hello?

A thump sounds from the gloom.

Tom: Who's there? Anyone? Hello? Hello?

Critical Reception Edit

"Like being prescribed shit in a bottle. It doesn't make you feel good, and you hate the one who convinced you to take shit." - Morgan Hamilton, Good Housewives