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Dr Sam Huntingdon-Christmas leads a motley crew of explorers on the last great hunt - the legendary Himalayan paper trail. Led by Sherpa guide Lao Shang, the group experience the highs and lows of Tibetan office politics, grabs for power, and mundane technical hurdles. All at 1200 ft above sea level, where only the most hardy can host Powerpoint presentations about profit assessments for Europe in the last 5 fiscal quarters.

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Carson Welk

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Actor Gam Cheng Sing hailed from the kingdom of Bhutan, and found it incredibly difficult portraying a Nepalese sherpa for the film. Most of the Western cast and crew however, didn't care.

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Dr Huntingdon-Christmas: 47 days? Lost in this filing wilderness with little to sustain our voyage apart from gossip from Marketing?

Lao Shang: I hear Jenson and the copy girl were caught in the supply closet, and there was a lot to see.....

Jenson: I trusted you, Shang!

Critical Reception Edit

"One of the best fish-out-of-water tales since Fish Out Of Water III (1956)!" - Carl Fassbinder, Women With Knives Weekly.