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The Fatal Smile is a thrilling tale of lust, revenge, thrilling tales and murder. The thrills start when Jon Fraine finds a magic hockey ticket that allows him to travel five minutes into the day before, for two minutes. His wife, Joanne, is a secret agent with the Gestapo who has been ordered to live a life in deep cover married to Fraine. The Gestapo have discovered a magic American football (or NFL) ticket that also lets them travel five minutes into the day before, but when combined with the magic hockey ticket, they can stay there for four minutes instead of two.

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This film was in gestation for many years before its eventual 2008 release. And we mean that literally. It literally gestated in a cow's belly, after being inserted there by Piccolo Paruzzio (which is especially weird since he had nothing to do with this movie).

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Jon: Joanne! We need to stay for four minutes instead of two!

Joanne: Jon! Two minutes is less than four minutes!

Jon: Joanne! Four minutes will never be less than two minutes, no matter how the universe contorts!

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User review by Critic-otron2.0:

While the plot sounds complex, it is not difficult to follow and allows the mind to wander and imagine what you would do if you were able to travel five minutes into the day before for 2 or 4 minutes, and how it could affect your life. Some of the scenarios I came up with were:

1. Stopping and playing with a cat I saw by the side of the road 2. Enjoying a hot shower again 3. Knowing exactly when the lights would change so I could do a rather charming burnout 4. Look for a possible magic baseball ticket

The movie had some excellent scenes, and I wouldn't say that any were unnecessary. Editing was spot on and I could tell when one scene started and moved onto another one, as it moved the story along. The soundtrack was composed by the always stunning Rod Catchkins.

This movie is for the dreamers out there who ever imagined what it would be like if you travelled to the day before for two or four minutes.