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The San Diego Trainee Tiger-Catching Force is reunited one last time to help the beleaguered citizens of Tokyo as they face yet another tiger spree. This time the big cats are a peculiar breed of space tiger that have hatched from giant alien eggs implanted beneath the earth's crust. If the team don't save "Matchstick City" this time, Japan's capital really will have heard its last roar!

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Kate Fidder

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  • Having exhausted all plausible reasons why Tokyo would be overrun by tigers in the first three films (zoo breakout; rich yet insane big-game hunter; crashed container ship of tigers, respectively), Tigers In Tokyo IV was left with the less-than-satisfactory plot device of alien tigers. Director Kate Fidder, who was new to the franchise, introduced the idea of making the tigers mauve and imbuing them with the power of speech, which made it even more less-than-satisfactory.
  • British actor Eustace Stratton was so confused in her cameo in this film that the producers had no choice but to credit her as such.

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Gurn: Buddy! Incapacitate that tiger!

Buddy: Which one? There are so many!

Tiger: I think he means me, the one that's about to bite him.

Gurn: Ouuuuuch!

Haruki: Ack! These alien tigers are totally bogus!

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"Completely ruins the quiet elegance of the T.I.T. series." - Rowan Grist,