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Detesto Americano escapes his miserable life in a bleak, nameless American city for the peaceful environs of a Belorussian vineyard, complete with its own buxom rural bombshell played by real-life KGB operative Elanena Stamovich.

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Brian Peabody

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  • This was Peabody's first film after being driven out of the US following the extremely negative reaction to his previous film The Sex Ghost (1968) and into the waiting arms of the Iron Curtain.
  • Talulla Foster sued (unsuccessfully) to prevent the release of Vineyards after she found out she was chosen to play the role of Detesto's ghoulish American wife only because Brian Peabody felt she personified the worst of everything America has to offer.
  • Brian Hanks wasn't happy to be used in the film either, especially since Peabody just used an old tape of Hanks reading out a shopping list and edited it to sound like narration. But Hanks was heard to remark "Eh, a credit's a credit."

Notable Quotes Edit

Detesto: (muffled between Mirayeva's breasts) Once I am buried deep in your ample bosom, I forget all the horrible things that were forced upon me in the West in the name of democracy.

Imafatso: (appearing in Detesto's mind) When are ya gunna shave my other elbow, you lazy schmuck?!? I can't be seen at the entrails market like this!

Detesto: Maybe just a little deeper...

Critical Reception Edit

"Without this film, the Soviet Union would surely have collapsed before the end of the '70s" - Mike Switzer, Journal of Grossly Exaggerated Statements