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Teenage Bob and Captain Alabama return - only this time Bob waits in line for tickets to see popular group Jazz Attack when Captain Alabama kidnaps the band and sends them to Austria. Can Bob rescue them from the infamous Nazi stronghold?

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Rico Schmageggie

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Top Trivia Edit

  • Greg Caperducci and Schmageggie reconciled their differences to make this, Schmageggie's second student film - mostly because they stood to make a big wad of cash from it if they could sell it to the Christian Alliance. (Which they didn't.)
  • This film was even less influential than the original Wait! There's More! (1941).

Notable Quotes Edit

Bob: Alabama! Every band needs to perform, just like every rose has its thorn. Every night has its dawn. Every cowboy sings a sad, sad, song.

Alabama: Why do I want to play air guitar right now?

Critical Reception Edit

Critics applauded Schmageggie's sumptuous backdrops of Austria, and marvelled how he made the Brooklyn foreshore look so Germanic. Schmageggie credited it to "a lot of tulips and Aryan boys".